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Waste Recovery

WHRB ST (Slant Tube) - Waste Recovery

The Designs of the Slant type WaterTube Waste Heat Recovery were acquired from USA and have been built by Gresham’s for Pakistani customers like Hira Textile Mills and Friendship Textile Mills using Gas Turbine Heat.

The ST Design can incorporate Duct Burners, Duct Burner cum Fresh air firing and Independent Fresh air firing modes. Typically, the slant design is ideal for locations with highly limited installation space and where duct burners to augment steam production must be used.

The Vertically placed economisers and optional SS Condensing Economisers greatly add to the system efficiencies.

State of the Art Controls,SCADA System and Boiler trim of world renowned makes with remote customer monitoring are unmatchable qualities of the ST Range.

High Quality Fin tubes manufactured by world famous are installed on every ST Design boiler.

Built according to the ASME Code requirements and certified by Germanischer Lloyds / SGS.

ST Series:
Type: Water Tube
Fuel: Waste Heat / Duct Burner
Capacity: 2000 KG/HR - 20000 KG/HR
Pressure: upto 30 Bar (g)
Temperature: upto 350 °C

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