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Corporate History


1930 - Mr. A.W Gresham, a British entrepreneur establishes Gresham’s in un-divided India.

1935-1945 - Starts supplying non-warfare supplies to Her Majesty’s Army.

1947 - Mian Taufiq Husain (late) acquires the company

1947-1952 - Heavily engaged in trading activities to spur the growth of the newly formed country including: Industrial Chemicals & Paints, Pharmaceuticals, Processing Machinery for Textile & Pharmaceutical Industry, Industrial Boiler Plants, Power Generation Equipment, Building Materials

1952 - Makes in-roads in the engineering and construction sector, successfully executing pioneering engineering projects including: Tank farms for Thal Development Authority, Pakistan, Civil and mechanical works for Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation, Initiates local system integration of Industrial Boilers Plant and Power Generation Equipment offerings from the USA.

1964 - The Government of Pakistan initiates it’s import liberalization policy, resulting in the company to re-think it’s tacto-strategic focus. Mian Suhail Husain joins as a junior officer in the Sales department.


1964-1969 - Gresham’s re-defines its tacto-strategy to ensure it’s long-term survival. An aggressive campaign dubbed “Technology on Tap” is launched for representing global firms. The segments are selected to quench the thirst of the rapidly expanding industrial users.

With astonishing speed, un-relentless enthusiasm and backbreaking efforts, and in the short span of only 7 months, Gresham’s is successful in taking on exclusive representation of:

Procter & Gamble, USA | Eastman Kodak, USA | Kerner Greenwood, UK | Stein Refractory, UK | Ray Burner Company, USA 

Attains an 87% market share in its sphere of activities. Engineering & Project Management Department is officially created to provide technical support clients.Customer Service Department is officially created to provide after sales services to the growing installation base throughout the country.

1969-1971  Gresham’s secures exclusive manufacturing license arrangements with: 

Orr & Sembower Inc., (Subsidiary of Ray Burner Co) - For the manufacture of fire tube (shell) boilers 

Kerner Greenwood & Company, UK - For the manufacture of building materials for the construction industry 

Procter & Gamble, USA - For the processing of textile chemicals 

Approved by Lloyds Register, UK to manufacture steam boilers and pressure vessels.

Pakistan’s first packaged fire-tube boiler is manufactured  for Captain PQ Chemicals. Becomes Pakistan’s first company with ASME Code experience, and from here the Journey of our Prosperity and Expansion begun which is still growing with the passage of time. Over four hundred and fifty packaged fire-tube shell boilers are providing reliable and efficient steam to industry which makes us superior and Pakistan Number 01 Boiler Manufacturing Company.


1972-1975 Secures exclusive representation of Electro-Motion (USA) range of Electric Generator Sets for Pakistan. Over 200 units will be sold over the next 12 months.

Pakistan Services Limited (PSL) entrusts Gresham’s with its first EPC contract for the setting up of Intercontinental Hotel in Peshawar; a then rural locale with scare resources.

Executes the Intercontinental Hotel project in a record time of only seven months, which includes:

Air Conditioning Works | Water Systems | Boilers | Utility Systems | Hot Water Systems | Kitchen Equipment | Waste Disposal System including Incineration | Sanitary Equipment | Electric Generators | Hotel Maintenance Equipment

1976-1979 - Execute pioneering mechanical, HVAC and MEP works for a number of governmental institutions including:

- Civil Development Authority (CDA)

- Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC)

- Pakistan Broadcasting Company (PBC)

- Ghee Corporation Of Pakistan (GCP)

- Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA)

- Roti Corporation of Pakistan


1980 -  Enters into an exclusive manufacturing license arrangement with E. Keeler Company, USA for:

- Package Water tube Boilers For Process Applications & Power Generation.

- Field-Erected Water Tube Boilers For Power Generation.

Exclusive manufacturing license arrangement is signed with Alpha Boilers, USA for Water Tube Boiler Technology for bio-mass.

First packaged fire-tube shell boilers exported to Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh.

Secures landmark orders for it’s High Pressure Water Tube Boilers:

ICI Chemicals (multiple units) | Pakistan Ordinance Factory | United Sugar Mills | Mirpurkhas Sugar Mills.

1982-1989 - Executes landmark EPC power projects in the region including:

- 4.5 MW Steam Turbine Building Cogeneration plant Finance & Trade Center, in consortium with AEG-Kanis (now ABB).

- 1.2 MW Gas Turbine Building Cogeneration project at the SNGPL HQ Building; in consortium with Imperial Construction Company.

Enters into a license arrangement with Prellwitz & Associates for High Pressure Boiler Plants upto 100 Tons/Hr.

Introduces Reverse Flue Boiler Technology under a licensing arrangement with Ygnis Kessel AG of Switzerland for Packaged Shell Boilers.

1992 - Over 60 Reverse Flue Boilers are now successfully operating in Pakistan with another 20 Units in production.

Technical Associate arrangement in 1994 with I. W. Technologies Inc., USA is established for:

Reverse Osmosis Plants | Thermal & Mechanical Vapor Compression Desalination Plants | Sterilization Plants using UV Technology 

1994 -  Gresham’s manufacture Pakistan’s first Waste Heat Recovery Boilers for Gas Engine Based Co-Generation.

Executes the design and manufacture of 400 High Pressure Toxic Gas (Chlorine) Cylinders to Sitara Chemical Complex

1995 - Secures representation of Kohler Power System’s range of Electric Generator Sets for Pakistan. Over 8 Prime Power units (500KW-1MW) will be sold over the next 4 months.

1997 - Supplies Pakistan’s first Turnkey Boiler House to Kot Addu Power Co. This is the country’s first steam boiler battery for power plants with NESPAK as consultants.

1999 - OEM agreement is signed with the newly formed MTU- DDC Corporation for packaging of gas and diesel generators.

Executes chemical cleaning services on DELTAK HRSG’s at Uch Power Complex, beating out competition; the likes of Halliburton (USA).


2001-2002 - Enters into an exclusive manufacturing license arrangement with Johnston Boilers USA for:

- Packaged Shell Boilers above 15 Tons/Hr capacity

- Packaged Water Tube HRSGs

- Packaged Fire-Tube Waste Heat Boilers

Secures Pakistan’s first Packaged HRSG order for a Gas Turbine Based Power plant complete with supplementary and fresh air firing for a Kawasaki Gas Turbine. The system is Pakistan’s first tri-generation installation.

Secures EPC Packaged High Pressure HRSG Contract for 32 MW Gas Turbine Based Combined Cycle Power Plant in a consortium arrangement with Turbomach SA of Switzerland. The system is complete with supplementary and fresh air firing.

Turnkey EPC contract for a 2 MW Building Cogeneration Project at MCB Tower Project-Pakistan’s tallest building. The scope includes Engineering, Procurement/Supply, Commissioning and O&M of complete system including:

Gas Turbine | Diesel Generators | Gas Generators | Waste Heat Recover Boilers | HVACR System | Integrated Energy Management System

2002-2004 - Over 30 integrated systems in the 100,000 to 1 Million Gallons/Day range successfully executed including exports to Bangladesh.

Over 75 integrated power generation systems in the 200 KW to 1 MW range are successfully executed.

Over 30 Waste Heat Recovery Boilers are now online on reciprocating engines in the 1MW to 6MW range.

Packaged HRSG for 2 MW Gas Turbine Power Plant on Pakistan’s first Pratt & Whitney installation is executed. The system is complete with supplementary firing.

Pakistan’s first locally designed/manufactured exhaust gas silencer for installation on 6 MW Gas Turbine is executed with soud attenuation proven at below 85 dBA @ 1 meter.

Mobile Steam Generating Units are now being exported to Kuwait, for oil extraction in the Kuwaiti Oil Fields, beating out competition; the likes of Clayton Industries (USA).

Executes landmark boiler life extension program for Guddu Power’s 110 Tons/Hr. High Pressure (Superheated) Boilers, beating out competition; the likes of B&W (USA).

2005-2007 - LPG & CNG Tankers are handed over for Progas, Pakistan

Turnkey Boiler House Supply for leading Textile Mills featuring 01 Nos. Packaged Water Tube Boiler of 35,000 Kg/hr @ 12 Bar. The boiler features a state of the art Combustion System from a leading German supplier.

Pakistan’s first company to successfully win an international tender for High Pressure Packaged Water Tube Boiler House in Bangladesh with:

02 Nos. Packaged Water-Tube HP Boilers | 01 Complete DCS Linked Control System | Reverse Osmosis Plant With Integrated De-Mineraliser | Balance of Plant | High Pressure Steam Turbine Piping.

Leading textile mill awards Gresham’s Turnkey Boiler House with:

02 Nos. Packaged Fire-Tube Shell Boilers | 03 Nos. Packaged Waste Heat Fire-Tube Shell Boilers | Balance of Plant And Piping Works

Gresham’s is awarded strategic partner status by Doosan (formerly Daewoo) of Korea for Diesel & Gas Generators and Prime Movers.

2008-2009 - Strategic Partnership arrangements secured with a leading European Boiler Company for supply of water tube boilers for fired and waste heat applications. The agreement follows on the heel of multiple projects including:

- HP Water Tube Packaged Boiler for Algeria

- HP Water Tube Biomass Boilers for Italy

- HP HRSG Project for France on 2 Centrax Gas Turbines

- HRSG Project for Italy on GE Frame 5 Gas Turbine

- HP Water Tube Packaged Boiler for Morocco

Strategic Partnership arrangements secured with a leading North American Energy Engineering Firm for EPC Power & Cogeneration Projects.

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