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Waste Recovery

WHRB FT - Waste Recovery

Gresham’s acquired the initial technology from Johnston Boilers,USA for Natural Gas Engines, Turbines using XID tubes for small installation footprint.
The new range of Gresham’s FT range of Firetube Boilers are Computer designed, Finite Element Stress checked and are available in Singe / Double pass models. Simplex, Duplex, Triplex and Qaudaplex designs to suit your requirements / space limitations.

Equipped with world renowned Control & Instrumentation, PLC Controllers and HMI with Remote Monitoring and Alarm, SS Pumps, the FT Range is designed to produce Maximum Steam from your waste Heat Source.

A Patented Burner System burns the Carbon Monoxide of a Gensets exhaust to enhance the overall efficiency.

Optional Stainless Steel condensing economiser are a Profit Centre for the owner who needs high quantities of Fresh makeup Water.

FT Series:
Type: Fire Tube
Fuel: Waste Heat / Duct Burner
Capacity: 250 KG/HR - 15000 KG/HR
Pressure: upto 30 Bar (g)
+ Combi Boiler design

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