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Waste Recovery

WHRB CD - Waste Recovery

Gresham's acquired the Cross Drums layout Waste Heat recovery design from johnston Boilers,USA and has successfully
built several Boilers for services in Pakistan and abroad, some of which are being used for power generation in Combined
Cycle Modes.
The CD Designs can be equiped with Duct Burners, Supplementary Air for larger steam evaporation rates, and a stand alone
Fresh Air firing system. Simple yet easy to operate and maintain design with Economicsers, Feed Hearters and a Control System
with full HMI/user interface,quality equipment sourcing translate to literally years of trouble free service. 


FB Series:
Type: Water Tube
Fuel: Waste Heat / Duct Burner
Capacity: 5000 KG/HR - 50000 KG/HR
Pressure: upto 55 Bar (g)
Temperature: upto 450°C

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